Volunteer Search & Rescue Team Berks County, PA.

Volunteer Search & Rescue Team Berks County, PA.

Volunteer Search & Rescue Team Berks County, PA.Volunteer Search & Rescue Team Berks County, PA.Volunteer Search & Rescue Team Berks County, PA.

Serving All of Pennsylvania and States Along The East Coast

About Us

Who we are

We are an organized group of Berks County residents who have come together to serve our community and beyond.

Our team is comprised of people from all different backgrounds and skill sets. 

Our all volunteer command team has people trained in many areas of public service, from current and former fire department members, nurses, CNA's, Med Techs, Nationally trained members and more.

Our boots on the ground team has many dedicated members who willingly give their time to help in search and rescue duties. These vital members range in ages and backgrounds. They are willing to do whatever they can to help others. From active searches in wooded environments to vehicle based drive around searching and flyer hand outs, these members are the backbone of our team.

Search Team 1 is a two fold team. We help locally and within Pennsylvania with missing person searches but we also have a small dedicated team that goes along the eastern seaboard to help with Search and Rescue duties when natural or man made disasters strike.

Our History

The teams founder was volunteering in an Eastern State during a destructive hurricane. He saw the hearts of so many who wanted to help but had no structure and seen many go it alone only to need rescue themselves. Once he returned home he set forth in creating a local search and rescue team.

Search Team 1 is in most cases not the lead search team since we are not a "National" team or have the specialized equipment like other PA. teams but our command team does have the ability to set up a very organized search by themselves or give assistance to any lead team.

We adhere to the chain of command policy and strive to help those in their time of crisis.

We Need Volunteers

We are actively seeking anybody locally who is willing to help in any capacity. On the ground searchers, anybody with medical or EMS training, even if you can't do ground searches then maybe you can do in vehicle searches, ATV owners, drone operators and even people to just stay at home and do social media postings for the team.

You do have to be at least 18 and willing to sign a waiver of liability in case of any injuries.

To request to be a volunteer just send us an email to:

Please include your name, age, address, phone number, email and what you can do to help. If you have medical, EMS or other related experience please include that as well. If you have a current CPR training that would be helpful too.

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