Our Response to help our community

Plan of action

Search Team 1 was created to help our community when a person went missing and has expanded into a more Regional and even Eastern seaboard disaster response team as well.

Many of our neighbors have been affected by this virus and in the coming weeks and months there is much uncertainty on how the virus will progress and how as a Nation we will overcome.

Search Team 1 is going to try to be part of the solution, we are starting to try to find community resources to help those in need. It will be no easy task. I personally know of hundreds that have been laid off in PA. already and it most likely will not ease in the coming weeks. There is going to be a lot of anxiety and confusion on what to do next and how will they pay for food, diapers, medicines, etc. I am trying to connect with local resources to find out what is available in our community and it has been hard to do since most of the agencies and places of worship have been closed.

I suggest that we find a place to store collected items in our area and I would like to find someone who can be in charge of inventory and distribution.

Here is my idea:

1) Find a secure location

2) Request items like canned goods, diapers, wipes, pet food, etc from local businesses and individuals to help stock our location.

3) Once the location has a good supply we can make a post to let those who are struggling know we can make a porch delivery of items from our supply.

4)I am also suggesting that we create a list of locals who are alone and might need phone/text or email encouragement. 

5) Create a small team (10 or so) volunteers who are willing to make the deliveries.

So, right now I am trying to find a secure space where we can work from that a local business is willing to donate for 30 to 60 days. It needs to be dry, secure and have 24 hour access.

After I find a space I will put out the request officially to local businesses and residents.

Then my next step is to set up an email where we can get requests for help.

After I set up the email I will have a volunteer monitor it and reply to the person with further questions.

It is my goal not to request any information other then the name and address of those who need help. I will not take social security #'s, birthdates, gender, race or religious information.

I am working on the request for help sheets and am seeking volunteers to help with this program.

We are not taking ANY cash or credit donations. We are not a registered non-profit and we cant offer any donation tax forms. The people who volunteer have to agree that there is no obligation for them to help in any way and they know that there is no pay for time or personal expenses.

Any donations that we might receive are to be distributed fairly and on a needs basis.  If we run out of items then we may stop the program.

SAFETY is our top priority. ANY volunteer who handles any donation or drop off will be REQUIRED to wear gloves (provided by ST1) and if you show signs of any illness we require you to inform us and let others take over. Remember - You can't help others if you don't take care of yourself.

Who we need:

1) A person or business to supply a place to store and distribute items (we are thinking about 20x20 at the minimum

2) 1 person to monitor and reply to incoming requests for help (MUST BE RELIABLE AND WILLING TO HANDLE LOTS OF RESPONSES)

3) 4 to 6 delivery drivers using their own vehicle and fuel to deliver items to doorsteps/porches.

4) Community Liaison Officer - The CLO is responsible for posting our information within our LOCAL communities. As of now we are only planning to help local but could be further reaching (Berks County?) if we get more than expected donations.

5) Community Outreach Director - The C.O.D is responsible for contacting local businesses to request donations of food, diapers, wipes, personal care items, etc. they are also needed to contact local Churches to help establish a network from which we can pull resources from.

6) If you want to be put on a list of volunteers to respond if needed we can utilize you as well.



Subject: CV Community Help

Thank you

Joe Zeidler

Search team 1 Founder/Team Command Lead